Ranch Facts

Between 2800 and 2900 feet, depending on which portion of the property you're on.

The ranch has a total acreage of 116 acres, of which about 70 acres are usable for pasture.

There are 3 main pastures. The largest (the "Big Pasture") is directly across from Gussie's, and stretches out for 50 acres, along the Trinity. The Davis Field lies just north of Davis Creek, which, along with Eagle Creek Loop, separate the Davis Field and the Big Pasture. The 3rd pasture is located on the east side of the Trinity, across from the Davis Field (but hidden by a grove of trees).

Rivers and Streams
There are 3 rivers and streams running through the ranch property. The Trinity River is the largest, and runs through the property lengthwise, from north to south. Ripple Creek borders the ranch on the south end, flowing into the Trinity near the southeast corner of the property. Davis Creek separates the 2 main western pastures, dividing the property's north and south sections. It meets the Trinity at the north end of the "big pasture".

Interestingly, Eagle Creek does not run through the property. It flows into the Trinity a couple miles north of the ranch, near the campground of the same name.


The weather is generally warm and dry in the summer and fall, and cool to cold and wet in the winter and early spring. Temperatures show a fair amount of variance from night to day, due to the arid conditions. Below is a monthly overview.

Number of Buildings

  • Ranch House
  • Gussie's Homestead
  • Mobile Home
  • Dredger's Cottage
  • 2 Barns
  • Wagon Shed
  • Tack Shed
  • Shop
  • Generator Shed
  • 2 Garden Sheds

Nearby towns

Coffee Creek is a 5 minute drive from the ranch, and has a population of about 200.

Trinity Center, located on the north end of Trinity Lake, is about 15 minutes from the ranch by car, and also has around 200 residents. There is a post office in Trinity Center, a couple of small eateries and stores, as well as 2 marinas and a small airport.

Weaverville is about 45 minutes south of the ranch. It has a population of about 3,400. The town has a full-size supermarket, banks, restaurants and other amenities.

North of the ranch, by a 30 minute drive over the very curvy road that crosses Scott Mountain, is Callahan. Were it not for all the ranch land, Callahan would qualify as a quintessential one-horse town.

Etna is about 15 minutes beyond Callahan. Its population pushes (but doesn't reach) 900. There are a few restaurants and other amenities.