Best Months to Hike
Mid-June (when the snow's melted enough for access) through mid-October (most trails close 10/15). September and October are particularly nice because of the cooler weather.

Number of Hikes
There are about a hundred different trailheads in the Wilderness Area.

Miles of Trails
550 maintained

Trail Lengths
2 miles to 37 miles

1360 ft to over 9000 ft.

Coniferous forest, streams, alpine lakes, granite peaks, wildflowers, meadows, wildlife.

Trailhead Access
Many are accessible by standard vehicle, but a 4-wheel drive increases your options. Trailhead transportation is available for a fee through the Ranch.

You should be prepared for heat, as well as cold, as temperatures vary greatly by elevation and time of day/night. Summer thunderstorms can brew up on hotter days.

Water purification tablets, and/or filter systems are advised, as giardia is a risk. Mace for protection against the highly unlikely event of a contentious cougar or bear encounter is also advised.