Can your guest ranch provide cannabis for me?

No Cannabis will be given or sold by the staff of the ranch.

Can I smoke cannabis in any of your guest rooms?

There is no cannabis smoking in the rooms as that is against California state law.

Will our children be exposed to cannabis?

We expect our guests to refrain from consuming cannabis around children and while on horseback.

What is your ranch known for?

We are a holistic retreat first and not a cannabis centric location. We are driven by the premise that our guests should have a great time while vacationing at Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch, but we also give them the responsibility of being a quality person around our other guests, many of whom do not partake in cannabis consumption. Remember, we are all here to enjoy the natural beauty of the trinity alps and the comfortable facilities that has been provided by the ranch, along with our caring staff. Whatever you do to have a memorable experience here is gladly encouraged, just as long as it doesn't interfere with our other guest’s memorable experiences.