Your Perfect Cannabis Friendly Wedding


Your Perfect Cannabis Friendly Wedding

Cannabis is now all the "Rage" for those wanting to add some fun and flare to their already exciting wedding day. Marijuana is not only just for smoking anymore! Brides to-be can have cannabis infused appetizers and treats, along with offering their guests a "Canna-bar" and cannabis themed favors.

Bridal bouquets are intermixed with Lilies, roses and vibrant green buds. Beautiful hair pieces are adorned with blooms, bows, green bud and sparkles. Hemp fabrics are the choice for Beautiful Wedding Gowns, bridesmaids dresses and extravagant table linens.

If cannabis is what you are wanting to incorporate in your wedding there are many different ways you can have your cannabis-infused cake and eat it too! Firstly, decide what part of your special day you would like to show-off your "Green" side. Not all states are on the recreational use "Band Wagon" so make sure your state and location, private home, hotel, resort, restaurant... whatever your venue is, make sure that your are abiding with all of the current state laws and regulations.

"It's got to be 420 somewhere"

Not all of your guests may want to partake in the greenery so if smoking is going to happen make sure that there are designated areas for those who wish to puff a little of the ganja that is a part from those who do not wish to share in that experience.

Clearly mark or label anything that is edible and make sure experienced chefs are preparing your infused treats as to not have any of your guests overindulge in the fabulous goodies.

There are more and more Cannabis Friendly Wedding venues entering into the marketplace; make sure you shop around and find the perfect host/venue for your wonderful Cannabis Wedding! 

We would be more than happy to have you visit our Cannabis Friendly Wedding Resort and Guest Ranch nestled in the heart of the Trinity Alps in Northern California. 

Please call us for any additional information or to have a Free Cannabis Friendly Wedding Consultation and be sure to ask about our Honeymoon getaway packages.

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